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Map Overview

MP09 small.png
Name Cemetery
Developers SubvertGames
Settings Nature/Urban
Dimension -

The darkest map of OGAT. This map gives a big advantage to thieves as most parts of the cemetery are without lights. This map is characterized by its lack of lights and by its lack of any urban features as it is, well, a cemetery after all. There are many hiding places which can range from small houses to bushes. Cemetery is also the biggest map of OGAT which makes it even harder for guards to stay grouped. Wandering alone in this map can prove to be deadly. You have been warned...
This map is so big that it is difficult to formulate key locations as there are just so many ways to breach one precise location. The only thing to remember is to spread out your forces to be able to control a wider area, however, this has a weakness too, if for example, the enemy was to make an all in attack, being spread out will become a big weakness.

GaT Item

Green Herb
Holy Grail
Mannys Scythe
Mistery Box
Skull Mask

Map Strategy by Gamemode

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