Beta r.0.61.2

  • New gamemode: VIP escape (VIP)
  • New gamemode: Instagib (IG)
  • New classe for IG/VIP: Sage, VIP
  • 2 New maps: VR Arena V2 and V3
  • FREE Soccer
  • Zombie Rush update, added an arrow pointing the brain for Survivors team
  • World Cup Decoration on Soccer Field map

Beta r.0.58.4

  • New Map for SOC: Soccer Field 2
  • New Map for MB: Arena
  • SOC player Skin x6
  • Option for turn ON the Knife damage in SOC
  • BugFix

Beta r.0.58.3

  • New GameMode: Soccer
  • Juggernaut small rebalance

Speed change 4.2 --> 4.0 HP change 90 --> 85

  • Flare Grenade Change: 1 more flare for scout ( 2 --> 3)
  • Misc BugFix
  • Lower sounds for Mad Ball Explosions
  • MAD BALL change: class HP (90--> 50) MadBall Damage (95-->55)
  • Cobra Tactical Knife - Damage change (140 --> 100)-Now Guardian need 2 hit to be killed

Beta r.0.58.2

  • Added Grenades
  • New GameMode: Mad Ball
  • Bomb Defusal and TDM Bug Fix

Beta r0.58.1

  • Added custom Avatar image
  • New Class Skin
  • "Reset Score" button in lobby
  • Bomb Defusal and TDM Bug Fix

Beta r0.58

  • Added Medic, Juggernaut and Guardian classes (Early Access Only)
  • Added Bomb Defusal and Team DeathMatch gamemodes (Early Access Only)
  • Increased the level cap to 10
  • Official WIKI is now open for everyone

Beta r0.46 to r0.57.3

  • Double Damage setting is now the default.
  • Auto-Balance button in lobby screen
  • Extra XP gain for the best Guard and Best Thief.
  • Respawn Protection System
  • Guest users cannot host game anymore
  • Bug Fix: Broken object synch when spectating
  • Bug Fix: fix collision with dead bodies and doors
  • Weapon Weight and Variable movement speed System
  • Weapon Recoil System
  • GaT item rebalance position
  • Improved Terrain detail and Vegetation graphics
  • Increade the Level Cap to level 7
  • New Weapon: Crossbow for Shadow Class
  • Weapon Precision System
  • Show door top in shadows now optional
  • New Zombie Class: Heavy
  • Experience Points and Levels System
  • Redesign of the class selection window
  • Better Weapon Sound
  • Seconday weapon slot and new weapon: Zlock18, Zlock18SD, WKmk24 Sop, Cold1911
  • Class and Weapons Rebalance
  • Score system for GaT gamemode
  • Breakable Wooden Barricade for Zombie Rush gamemode
  • Breakable Glass Windows system
  • Bug Fix: Flashlight synch
  • Spectator mode
  • Options Menu
  • Improved audio system
  • Improved Aim accuracy
  • Option for random map loading
  • New character model for classes (Scout, Assaulter, Shadow, Cobra)
  • Fix in thef stab animations
  • Fix unity crash on windows
  • Settings for brightness and gamma
  • Killer photo
  • DOORS!
  • New class in game selection system
  • Added "Zombie Rush" gamemode
  • Zombie Class with new animation.
  • Game Balance improvements
  • GFX improvements: new plant, grass, better lighting
  • New Map "The Office"
  • Quad Damage Mod (optional)
  • Bug Fix: Open Firewall (Windows)
  • Added "Shuffle All" Button
  • Added Filter by name in server list
  • Global Chatroom in Server list
  • Improved Chat
  • Improve Weapon Sound
  • Show user profiles in game lobby
  • Global player rating
  • Optional friendly fire
  • Game host: lock teams
  • Game host: switch all players
  • Game host: force a player in a team
  • Team chat
  • User profiles
  • Revamped User Interface
  • Linux Support and Multiplatform gaming compatibility
  • Online WebPlayer on Kongregate
  • Networking Improvements
  • Fix missing font on Linux
  • Show server country in server list
  • New Map: "Military Camp"
  • Auto-Updater
  • Password protected Server
  • Host Command: kick a player
  • Improved Lobby management
  • New Animated Character
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