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Guards / Counter-Terrorists / Survivors / Blue Team

Main Article: Guards
Specialized in the control of the map, guards are known to be true die-hard defenders. Guards usually have better weapons than their opponents, however, despite the fact that they are characterized with better equipment, they cannot see in the dark, leaving them vulnerable to attacks. Guards use their flashlights in order to lighten the area and improve their visual fields, however, this can also give away their positions to the enemy which is yet another weakness.

CB assault.png
CB scout.png
CB gmedic.png
Medic (G)Badge Premium.png
CB guardian.png
GuardianBadge Premium.png
CB carrier.png
CarrierBadge Premium.png
CB locked.png
CB locked.png
CB locked.png

Thieves / Terrorists / Red Team

Main Article: Thieves
Masters of the shadows, thieves are stealthy and deadly. Thieves usually have weaker weapons than guards, however, despite the fact that they are characterized with weaker equipment, they are able to clearly see through the dark thanks to their night vision goggles. In general, thieves try to act in the darkness, which is why they usually will switch off all the lights in a room; however, the downside to that is that you are giving away your position to the guards as they are able to see light being switched off. Thieves in general avoid direct fights with guards especially in an lighted area as they have weaker weapons and lower health.

CB shadow.png
CB cobra.png
CB tmedic.png
Medic (T)Badge Premium.png
CB juggernautpng.png
JuggernautBadge Premium.png
CB saboteur.png
SaboteurBadge Premium.png
CB locked.png
CB locked.png
CB locked.png


Main Article: Zombies
Aaarghh! Zombies! They are creatures born in the darkness from the outer-world. No wonder they can see in the dark. Zombies have for centuries eaten human brains, however, even zombies have a holy grail. The Big Brain. Every zombie that has lived against all odds can attest to its delicious and magical taste. As a zombie, you have to find the Big Brain first, reach the brain, break its protection and then eat it. Zombies have a fast re-spawn time (5 sec) and are only proficient in short range attacks. Zombies do not have guns and they do not have any medium/long ranged attack available. Zombies usually avoid direct attacks with the guards especially in bright areas since they can only attack at short range. Strategize with your teammate for an all-in attack or attack in groups to distract the guards and reach the brain.

Zombies only appear in the Zombie Rush (ZR) mode.

CB runner.png
CB tank.png
CB acid.png
CB smoke.png
CB locked.png
CB locked.png
CB locked.png

Soccer Player

Main Article: Soccer Player
Mastered the art of football in the SOC game mode, select your role and play with your mates!

Soccer Players only appear in the Soccer (SOC) mode.

CB rabanelli.png
Generic ITA
CB piellini.png
Piellini Badge Premium.png
CB sersi.png
Sersi Badge Premium.png
CB generic bra.png
Generic BR
CB marfelo.png
Marfelo Badge Premium.png
CB neyar.png
Neyar Badge Premium.png
CB referee.png
Referee Badge Premium.png

Extra gamemode related

Main Article: VIP escort
Main Article: Instagib

VIP only appears in the "VIP escort" mode. Sage only appears in the "Instagib" related mode (IG/igCTF).

CB vip blue.png
CB sage red.png
CB locked.png
CB locked.png
CB locked.png
CB locked.png
CB locked.png

Class Comparison

Class/Atrributes HP Boosted Berserk Base Speed Stamina Equipment Points Equipment Combos Equipment Sets Note
Assault 90 - - 4.5 - - - -
Scout 68 - - 5 - - - -
Medic (G) 68 - - 4.6 - - - -
Guardian 120 - - 4.4 - - - -
Shadow 70 - - 4.8 - - - -
Cobra 48 - - 5.1 - - - -
Medic (T) 60 - - 4.6 - - - -
Juggernaut 85 - - 4 - - - -
Runner 60 - - 5.2 - - - -
Heavy 100 - - 4 - - - -