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Quote sx.png "Don't open that door!"
-The Cobra
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Fast, silent and deadly. The Cobra becomes even more deadly with a good squad of Shadows escorting him. Equipped with a sharp knife and a pistol, he is the fastest amongst thieves. Very vulnerable in medium/long range battles but capable of an insta-kill in short range melee attacks.


Name: Unknown
Role: Ambushes and Stealth Operations
Avatar: Avt Cobra 01.png
Icon: Big Lock.png
Description: Short Description


Main Article: Health, Boost, Status

Condition Health Boosted Berserk
Standard Cobra Suit 48 - -


Main Article: Speed, Status

Condition Stamina Normal Strafe Backward Walking Sprint Berserk
Standard Cobra Suit (no weapon) - 5.1 4.75 4.4 - - -
- - - - - - - -

Basic Strategy

Main Article: Tips, Cobra Strategy

  • The darkness is your best ally.
  • You are most effective when you stay hidden and use your speed to your advantage.
  • Using your speed, take advantage of alternative routes to flank enemies.
  • Use your knife to stab enemies, killing them instantly from the shadow.
  • Stay focused! Your low Health is your weak point.
  • Try to avoid firefights in general.
  • This class is very dangerous if you move well and have a good aim.
  • Always wait for the right moment to jump out of the corner and kill unsuspecting guards!


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Condition Equipment Points
Normal -

Primary Weapon

Main Article: Weapons

Name Max Damage Opt Range Ammo Reload Time Fire Ratio Recoil Power Weight E.P Cost Note
Eb Knife 01.png
Tactical Knife
100 0.5 - - 0.2 none 0 - Type: Melee
Special: Sharpness, Featherweight

Secondary Weapon

Main Article: Weapons

Name Max Damage Opt Range Ammo Reload Time Fire Ratio Recoil Power Weight E.P Cost Note
Eb WKmk24sop 01.png
WKmk24 Sop
20 16 12 (6) 2.2 0.2 low++ 0.25 - Type: Pistol, Semi-Auto
Caliber: .45 ACP
Special: Silenced


Main Article: Gadgets

Name Effects Duration Type Range Uses/Ammo Use Time Weight E.P Cost Note
Eb Stone 01.png
Hit Damage 5hp
*coming soon
Instant Launchable Launch: 12m 10 1s 0.1 - Distraction
Can Activate Motion Sensor


Main Article: Suit

Suit Table - TO DO

Equipment Combo

Main Article: Equipment Combo

Equipment Combo Table - TO DO

Equipment Sets

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Equipment Table - TO DO


Main Article: Taunt

Taunt Table - TO DO


Main Article: Achievements

Name Requirements Description
Big Lock.png
- -
Big Lock.png
- -
Big Lock.png
- -