Of Guards and Thieves Wiki


General Strategy[]

  • The cemetery's main entrance is a key 'choke point' on this map (an important strategic point). It is easy for the Guards to defend, however, so Thieves should consider using stealth. The small buildings on either side as well as the numerous bushes make good hiding places.
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tactics 1[]

tactics 2[]

Heatmap Overview[]


Spawn Point[]

  • Blue Team Spawn: Text
  • Red Team Spawn: Text

Exit Point[]

  • Escape Point A: Text
  • Escape Point A: Text
  • Escape Point A: Text


Objective table


  • Room 1: Text

Related Achievements[]

Class-Specific Strategy[]



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Medic (G)[]

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-Hide in the map and exit when your team needs you or when there is a guard alone... Play in stealth mode respecting class name...


- Take the opposite road of your team..you can't shoot and kill well like a Juggernaut

-Steal the object by insta-killing guards surprising them from behind corners or doors

Medic (T)[]

-A medic is helpful to sway a match...follow someone or all of the team if they are together by healing and staying behind them, possibly in one of the bushes in the map...they're everywhere.

-Never stop walking: the map is big and your team will try until match end to steal the object..you'll always follow someone.

-Try to kill someone only if you are with some of your team friends or if guard hasn't much health...you'll kill with a secondary weapon only if guard has low health.


-Take the road to steal the object,you are the strongest and with a shadow or a medic near you'll surely steal it.

-Bring all the guards to track you so for your team can steal the object - but remember, you'll never kill all guards by only shooting. You have to be fast and hit the guards with every shot because strong doesn't mean invincible.