GaT Office Strategy

This is a small guide for the GaT mode on the Office map. Read on to find out tips and improve your skill and knowledge!

General Strategy

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Heatmap Overview


Spawn Point

  • Blue Team Spawn: Text
  • Red Team Spawn: Text

Exit Point

  • Exit A: Text
  • Exit B: Text
  • Exit C: Text


Objective table


  • Room 1: Text

Related Achievements

Class-Specific Strategy



"I have to be everywhere!!!"

  • Your team needs you. You have to stay in a position that oversees all the paths which lead to the objects.
  • You have a higher health and better weapons, however you are slower.
  • Do not go to the thieves' spawn. Stay at key locations and kill any enemies trying to infiltrate. Move only if thieves turn off the lights in any areas you are keeping an eye on - but be careful. This map is small, they could be anywhere...


"I am as fast as a cobra!"

  • You are very fast. If a thief is running to the exits, you can try to pursue him.
  • Never stay alone, you have lower health than other guards.
  • Stay near an Assault and take his position if he dies.
  • Remember, thieves will only take a moment to steal the object and run. Use your speed to your advantage!

Medic (G)

"With me, you are invincible!"

  • Stay behind your team and pay attention when they get injured.
  • Use your syringe gun to help your team quickly - especially if your teammate is taking a lot of damage.
  • Use your heal syringe if you can safely get near your team.
  • Do not attack at the front. You have a support role. Try not to battle at the front. Only fight when necessary.


"Stand behind me!"

  • Protect your friends by staying in front of them with the shield.
  • In a shootout, help your teammates! Use your pistol!
  • You are slow and the shield does not protect all of your body. Be careful against enemies attacking from behind.
  • When you are using your shield, be aware that you are not able to use your flashlight.
  • Switch to pistol to move faster. Switch back to your riot shield when needed.



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Medic (T)

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