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In this mode, the counter-terrorists must prevent the terrorists from placing the bomb in one of two designated ares on the map and last for the whole round of five minutes. However, if terrorists have detonated a bomb, counter-terrorists can win the game by deactivating it successfully. The guards have to strategize and hold key locations of the map to prevent terrorists reaching any designated areas to detonate the bomb.

In contrast, terrorists have to detonate the bomb and secure that area to prevent the counter-terrorists from reaching the bomb and deactivating it. The bomb can be activated on either location (A or B) for terrorists to win. The bomb will be randomly assigned to a terrorist by the system. If the terrorist with the bomb dies during the game, the bomb will be dropped at that location. Terrorists now have to first get to that location to take the bomb again and then try to activate it in one of the designated areas.

The match lasts five minutes in which the two teams will face each other to win the game.


Blue Team's Objective Prevent the placement of the bomb at the designated areas for the duration of the match (5 min); or defuse the bomb before it explodes.
Red Team's Objective Activate the bomb in one of the designated areas and secure the area until the explosion.


  • The match lasts five minutes.
  • There is only one bomb. If the bomb gets defused or does not get activated after five minutes, the counter-terrorists win.
  • A random thief is selected at the beginning of the game to hold the bomb. If the bomb holder dies, the bomb is dropped at the location where the previous holder died. To pick the bomb up again, thieves have to go through that area and walk on the bomb to pick it up.
  • There are two areas on the map where the bomb can be planted. The terrorists must plant the bomb by standing on of those areas. Once a bomb is activated, it cannot be taken back.

General Strategy

Recommendations by users

  • Counter-Terrorists
    • Counter-terrorists need to be well coordinated by moving around the map, never leaving any key locations (corridors and/or main rooms) without a guard.
    • Counter-terrorists can divide into groups and assign tasks between them. The most common example would be one group of counter-terrorists chasing and killing terrorists, while another group is defending areas A and B where the bomb must be placed.
    • Damage the enemy and let them plant the bomb. This technique is highly risky and more efficient when used by more experienced players. This technique consists of trying to weaken all the enemies so that they end up with low HP (without killing them). This technique also allows the terrorists plant the bomb. Once the bomb gets activated, counter-terrorists strike back with full force to secure the area and defuse the bomb to win.
    • Communication is key. Use quick commands to ask for reinforcements quickly and/or give directions. Use team chat to coordinate attacks and distractions.
    • Always be cautious when walking in dark areas. Rotate your flashlight around you to see your surroundings.
    • Always try to keep moving even when shooting.
  • Terrorists
    • Weaken little by little the guards' HP. This technique is especially important if you are playing against a really good guards team. Try to weaken as much as possible your opponents and then when the time is right, kill them and escape fast while they are re-spawning.
    • Communication is key. Use quick commands to ask for reinforcements quickly and/or give directions. Use team chat to coordinate attacks and distractions.
    • Utilize the dark to your advantage. Guards have low vision in the dark. Try to lure them into the dark.
    • Beware of sneaky guards who hide in bushes and/or near corners! In general, take great care when proceeding in an enlightened room/area. You have nothing to worry about in the dark.
    • Never plant a bomb in an area if you see that you are well outnumbered by the counter-terrorists. If you do plant the bomb, there is a high chance that the bomb will get defused meaning that you will lose the match.
    • Plant the bomb then hide near. This is a highly efficient method which should be used by every terrorists. It consists of hiding near the area where the bomb has been planted. Once a guard is defusing the bomb, wait a few seconds, then attack that guard. There is a very high chance that the defusing in progress will be lost. This is because if the counter-terrorists defends and shoots back, the defusing in progress will be lost. The second scenario is that you killed the counter-terrorist and therefore the defusing in progress will also be lost. Very efficient method to win as a terrorist, especially if you are an experienced player.

Map Strategy

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