GaT (Guards and Thieves) is the first gamemode made for OGAT. Born during the Ludum Dare 26 (a game-making competition), GaT mode is the core foundation of this game in terms of game mechanics and graphic appearance.
In this mode, the guards must defend SIX objects present on the game map. Each object will be spread differently throughout the different maps, however the location of the objects will NEVER change on the same map. The guards have to strategize and hold key locations of the map to prevent thieves from reaching any objects. Use common sense to try to think about the thieves' target object, however be wary of ruses from the thieves' team.
In contrast, while the guards are defending the six objects on the map, thieves have the objective of stealing ONE precise object that will be pointed out by the yellow objective arrow. Thieves have to steal the target object and escape with it safely through one of the exits. The target object will be randomly selected by the system and will be announced to the thieves' team at the beginning of the game. (The object's name will be written at the top left corner). The guards do not know which of the objects is the real goal of the thieves. Strategize with your teammates for an all-in attack or confuse the guards by stealing other objects to distract them.
The match lasts five minutes in which the two teams will face each other to win the game.


Blue Team's Objective Prevent the thieves from stealing the target item and escaping through the exits for the duration of the match. (5 min)
Red Team's Objective Steal the target object and escape with it alive to one of the exits before the time runs out!


  • The match lasts five minutes.
  • There should be the same number of guards as thieves, however this varies between maps.
  • The items on the maps never change positions. Memorize their positions for better gameplay.
  • There are three exits for thieves on a map (except Police Department which has two). Memorize their positions!
  • Spawn killing is NOT OK.

General Strategy

Recommendations by users

  • Guards
    • Guards need to be well coordinated by moving around the map, never leaving any key locations (corridors and/or main rooms) without a guard.
    • Guards can divide into groups and assign tasks between them. The most common example would be one group of guards chasing and killing thieves, while another group is defending all the objects around the map.
    • If you notice that one object is targeted more often than any other object, it can be a good idea to patrol near that object. However, this technique might not work against more experienced players as they tend to pretend to steal some objects before going for the real one. A good rule of thumb is to never leave out any possibilities. Therefore always keep an eye on every object at all times.
    • Communication is key. Use quick commands to ask for reinforcements quickly and/or give directions. Use team chat to coordinate attacks and distractions.
    • Always be cautious when walking in dark areas. Rotate your flashlight around you to see your surroundings.
    • Always try to keep moving even when shooting.
  • Thieves
    • One of the best tactics for thieves is to steal an object far away from your real target as a ruse. Try to convince guards by going after the same object multiple times for a more convincing effect.
    • Weaken little by little the guards' HP. This technique is especially important if you are playing against a really good guards team. Try to weaken as much as possible your opponents and then when the time is right, kill them and escape fast while they are re-spawning.
    • Communication is key. Use quick commands to ask for reinforcements quickly and/or give directions. Use team chat to coordinate attacks and distractions.
    • Utilize the dark to your advantage. Guards have low vision in the dark. Try to lure them into the dark.
    • Beware of sneaky guards who hide in bushes and/or near corners! In general, take great care when proceeding in a lighted room/area. You have nothing to worry about in the dark.

Map Strategy

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