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Take a break and play soccer (football) with your friends! (By Ptuh)


Team Blue Objective Win the game by scoring the most goals.
Team Red Objective Win the game by scoring the most goals.


  • The match lasts five minutes.
  • A goalie is recommended for each team.
  • Once a team scores a point, the ball will automatically return to the middle in 5 seconds.
  • When time runs out, the team with the highest score wins.

General Strategy

  • Spread out! It is much more efficient for your team to spread across the field instead of all rushing towards the ball.
  • There are no offside rules. Take advantage of this and position yourself behind the enemy's defence when appropriate.
  • Keep in mind that all players have the same speed (unless pointing at different directions) so theoretically, no one can catch up to you if you are in front.
  • Assign each other roles to make sure you do not have holes (weak defence or weak attack) in your strategy.
  • It's better to assign someone with a low ping as goalie and/or as a forward player. Ideally you should have at least two players with very low ping in your team to fulfill both of these roles.

Map Strategy

  • SOC_SoccerField

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