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Quote sx.png "Nothing can stop me!
-The Juggernaut
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The Juggernaut is one of the premium classes in OGAT. He is a dangerous opponent as he has a high amount of health and powerful firepower. Unfortunately for him, those high powered guns slow him down to the point where he is slower than your average class. But make no mistake, do not underestimate him as he can provide great support for his team!


Name: Unknown
Role: Heavy Assault and Support
Avatar: Avt Juggernaut 01.png
Icon: Big Lock.png
Description: Short Description


Main Article: Health, Boost, Status

Condition Health Boosted Berserk
Standard Juggernaut Suit 85 - -


Main Article: Speed, Status

Condition Stamina Normal Strafe Backward Walking Sprint Berserk
Standard Juggernaut Suit (no weapon) - 4.0 3.5 3.0 - - -
- - - - - - - -

Basic Strategy

Main Article: Tips, Juggernaut Strategy

  • Support your teammates by attacking together!
  • Keep in mind that your slower speed does not allow you to escape quickly.
  • You are more efficient in coordinated attacks, do not engage alone unless when absolutely necessary.
  • Assault rifle has a lot of recoil so do not shoot in bursts if your enemies are far away.
  • The Juggernaut is most effective when used for medium to short range attacks, however, your secondary weapon does allow you to fight at long range too!
  • Do not forget to reload! Always keep watch of your HP and your ammo. If you have a low HP, then why not reload your weapons as the chances of you surviving are very slim.
  • Juggernauts can provide great distractions!


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Condition Equipment Points
Normal -

Primary Weapon

Main Article: Weapons

Name Max Damage Opt Range Ammo Reload Time Fire Ratio Recoil Power Weight E.P Cost Note
Eb AZ47 01.png
24 18 16 (4) 2 0.17 high++ 0.6 - Caliber: Assault Rifle, Full-Auto
Caliber: 5.56mm

Secondary Weapon

Main Article: Weapons

Name Max Damage Opt Range Ammo Reload Time Fire Ratio Recoil Power Weight E.P Cost Note
Eb WKuspSD 01.png
WKusp SD
20 10 15 (4) 1.8 0.18 low++ 0.25 - Type: Pistol, Semi-Auto
Caliber: 9mm
Special: Silenced


Main Article: Gadgets

Name Effects Duration Type Range Uses/Ammo Use Time Weight E.P Cost Note
Eb FragB 01.png
Frag Rev.B
Explosion Damage 80hp Instant Launchable Launch: 12m
Explosion: 1.5/5m
2 1s 0.1 - note


Main Article: Suit

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Equipment Combo

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Equipment Combo Table - TO DO

Equipment Sets

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Equipment Table - TO DO


Main Article: Taunt

Taunt Table - TO DO


Main Article: Achievements

Name Requirements Description
Big Lock.png
- -
Big Lock.png
- -
Big Lock.png
- -