Military Camp

Map Overview

MP03 small.png
Name Military Camp
Developers SubvertGames
Settings Nature/Urban
Dimension -

The second darkest map of OGAT. This map gives thieves a small advantage as they are able to infiltrate effectively in darkness. Military camp is characterized by few well-lit buildings surrounded by the forest. Some rooms are very small and in some cases, they can hold almost only one person at time. There are many shadowy places where thieves or guards can hide such as bushes, behind boxes, etc... There are some camp fires or lighting however dark areas still prevail over light areas.
Key locations of the Military Camp map are:

  • Entrance A and Entrance B. There are only two ways to reach the upper parts of this map. Either through entrance A or through entrance B. Therefore, being in control of both entrances (or one of the entrances) can stop all those enemies trying to access the upper parts of the map. It is a highly strategical zone to control however be wary of forced entry by enemies who might group together to pass through! Also be wary of all the yellow windows surrounding both entrances. Do not be surprised if you get attacked from behind!
  • The road along Entrance A & B. As mentioned above, entrance A & B is the only way to reach the upper parts of this map. Being in control of that road can prove to be highly successful for your team as it can further prevent enemies from penetrating the upper parts of the military camp map.

GaT Item

Blackreef Pirates Poster
Can Pasta
Empty Fuel Can
Ghernarus Map
Syder Arcade Poster

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