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Thread Title Tag: Shadow / FACTION-Thief

--Character Stats HP: 54 / Movement Speed: 3.5 / Skin Description: dark,hardly noticeable with a Ghillie camouflage

--Equipment - Weapons: -Bowie knife / -Desert Eagle

--Equipment - Gadgets: -Smoke granade / -Rock

--Description: The shadow class in the thief team is a balanced yet hard class to use, with his low health and speed, it makes very dificult to face oponents directly in a 1v1 fight, but one feature makes it one of the most pontentially deadly classes, it's Ghillie camouflege that resembles a simple bush wich makes it a high stealth class able to catch oponents off-guard with his knife or sneak pass through the defenses like noone else, it has equipments for distraction and quick escapes making it the best option to overpass a big guard barrier silently.